In the past, the Christmas and New Year periods have typically been a time when the real estate industry tends to wind down. A majority of agents take a break in summer for the Christmas holidays and potential buyers shelve their plans until next year. The Australia Day long weekend has proved to be the time when the industry begins to ramp back up again with an influx of properties being listed around this time. I want to share with you why this time might actually be a good time to list your home, keep reading to find out more.

Get in before Christmas

Listing in the week leading up to Christmas is actually a very clever decision. With the majority of buyers looking late January, early February, listing early and having your property available for sale earlier ensures you are front of mind when buyers are ready to make a decision. Listing earlier also means you are not in competition with other properties, which can definitely work in favour of the seller.

Offers on your home can be strong

With less competition from other buyers during the Christmas period, you would think this would cause offers to be lower. This is not necessarily the case, buyers are often advised by agents and advocates to make a strong offer or best offer on a property sooner to secure it before the rush in late January. As a seller, knowing that your home is under contract before Christmas can allow you to relax the rest of your break. My team and I will be taking a Christmas break from 23rd December until the 8th January, although we will be available by phone & email during this time to assist your real estate needs. If you have questions about listing during the Christmas and New Year period, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Alternatively, I would love to discuss anything to do with your real estate needs.