When it comes to selling your home, vital mistakes can see your property sitting on the market for weeks on end, ultimately affecting your sale result. There are ways to avoid making these mistakes though with a few slight changes that will see your home snapped up quicker than ever.


The first mistake some homeowners make is not marketing their home sufficiently. The goal of marketing your property should be to get as many people aware that your property is available and to make it look appealing, driving them to attend an upcoming inspection. Not taking advantage of your real estate agents wide reach will mean your home will be lost in the vast array of properties on the market. Your agent should be doing everything possible to market your home through their specialized strategy to make sure your home is seen by as many buyers as possible.


The biggest reason a home sits on the market for longer than expected is because buyers feel like they aren’t getting value for their money. You need to be realistic with your price. Starting a bidding war by having multiple interested buyers is a great way to exceed the value of your home.

Personal Items

Don’t laden your home with personal items. Take the time to put them away. Even though you might enjoy your style, others might have a different idea for your home. They will want to see what the home looks like in its natural form, so they can then imagine themselves in the home and what they can make of it. Don’t push a certain style in your layout, otherwise you might find you’re boxed in to a certain number of buyers. Keep your reach wide with a simple style.


Nothing deters buyers more than little repair jobs that have been left alone. It’s a sure fire way to make sure your home sits on the market for longer than it should. Take the time to look around and patch up any leaking taps or chipped paint. Buyers won’t want to see these left to them to fix up after purchasing the property.

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