So you’ve gone through the journey of selling your home, and now all that remains is moving, which can be stressful and arduous. Well, here’s your complete guide to help you with that tough task of organising everything you need to do when moving home.


Avoid getting to your home with nothing connected. You’ll be able to organise your energy and internet weeks in advance so put this high on the to do list, as it can take up to 3 weeks for companies to reach your home such is the backlog. You don’t want to find yourself sitting in the dark when you move in.

Plan it out

Planning out where your furniture will go beforehand will make the move a lot easier. Knowing what goes where as early as possible will mean you can pack accordingly. Seeing where certain couches and tables might fit will give you the best chance of a quick and seamless unpacking once you get to your new home. Using post-it notes on each item will help with the packing process also.

Moving Essentials

You still have to live while moving! Making sure you have the essentials like spare clothes, toiletries, rubbish bags and any other family items that you might need if you have children for example. This means you won’t be rummaging through the truck or cars contents to find that one little essential item you might need throughout the day or days of moving.

Protect your items

Making sure that your items are wrapped up and are able to absorb some moving around during the transportation seems obvious, but many people find that their items are broken or cracked as the rough roads might have dislodged them along the way. Using bubble wrap is the best way to prevent breakages, however blankets and other items that can act as a cushion along in the car.

DIY or Removalist?

This one is a tough one, everyone is different, but we would recommend a removalist. They do it for a living so they know exactly where and how to pack things well and safely. It also takes the stress away from you and your family when moving, which is quite a stressful and arduous time. We highly recommend Ron Wilson Removals and Storage, they are a fantastic team and will take care of your move stress-free. For more information head to or call (03) 9786 2777.